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Mobile Lighting Tower VL4K-B

Mobile Lighting Tower VL4K-B

Product Feature:
1. 4×1000W halogen flood light
2. 8 meters manual mast
3. Kubota engines are available
4. 4 pole single bearing,single phase/three phase 50/60 HZ alternator
5. Widely used in construction,mining site,square,airport etc

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Tower Details
Light Output in KW 4000W/6000W
Mast Height m/ft: 8 m
Total Lumens: 440000
Generator Kva: 8
Tower Dimensions
Length: 2680mm
Width: 1400mm
Height: 2500mm
Weight: 750kg
Equipment Details
Fuel: Diesel
Engine: Kubota
Alternator: 4 pole single bearing
Axle No.: Single Axle
Hz: 50/60
Tire and Rim size: 13″
Stabalizer Supports: 4xManual
Tow Hitch: 50mmBall / 70mmRing
Camera Details
Type of Lights: Metal Halide
Lamp Wattage: 1000W
Lumens per watt: 110
No. of lights: 4/6
Light Output in KW: 4000W/6000W
Mast Raise / Extension:
Mast Height m/ft: 8m
Mast Rotation: 359
Wind Rating Speed: 100km/h


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